Bitcoin Maximalist [4h]

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Hello everyone ;)

This is my first attepmt to made 4h solid bitcoin bots with nice profits

Script is optimalized for ---->>> BINANCE:BTCUSDT
This bot is specially optimalized for this pair, becouse of the longest backtest, also I dont reccomend using it on other pairs without optimalization

This bot is a real profit maximalist with Long-Term use case
each strategy.entry is set at 33% as bot using 3 levels of TP

TP-1 = 1.4%
TP-2 = 2.1%
TP-3 = 4.6%

using 33% order size each entry means strategy using leverage x1 each entry

33% x 3 = 99%

Stop loss is set at realy high level (7.1%)
This is also determine by high TP levels which average value is around :

1.4 + 2.1 + 4.6 = 8.1/3 = 2.7%

By using this kind of tp combination I was able to reduce Max DD strong
My recommendation for this bot is to using it at 1-2x leverage max, becouse of the Huge Max DD above higher leverages

when building this bot, I tried to keep the number of indicators as much as possible to reduce as much as I can overfitting or overoptimalization
the whole logic of the bot consists of 3 main entry conditions

1) Going with the trend :
( this is main condition which uses around 70-80% of total positions )
This condition is determined by:

ADX - Is one of the most powerful and accurate trend indicators. ADX measures how strong a trend is, and can give valuable information on whether there is a potential trading opportunity.
SUPPORT and RESISTANCE - the idea behind this bot was to use support or resistance breakout
The core of this strategy is the support and resistance levels through the use of automatic detectors of these levels
in the bullish case, when the resistance is broken, the candle turns green
when bearish breakout appears, the candle turns maroon
To find a max precise entry selection I also use Volume indicator here, which can show me real trend strenght

2) Going without trend
this including 2 conditions like:

RSI-VWAP - VWAP is calculated by adding up the dollars traded for every transaction (price multiplied by the number of shares traded) and then dividing by the total shares traded. That is, volume .
RMI - Relative Momentum Index - The Relative Momentum Index was developed by Roger Altman and was introduced in his article in the February, 1993 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.
While RSI counts up and down days from close to close, the Relative Momentum Index counts up and down days from the close relative to a close x number of days ago.

Two of this conditions are depending of Parabolic SAR - The parabolic SAR is a technical indicator used to determine the price direction of an asset, as well as draw attention to when the price direction is changing. SAR supporting bot, to not open new trades when the trends are slowly changing

To always go with the trend and dont allow RSI-VWAP buying the bottoms while we going down with strong trend I use 3 SMA to determine trend directions

1) SMA - 14
2) SMA - 28
3) SMA - 55

This bot is a realy good one, its dedicated for Long Term using with a realy High level of Security

Hope you guys love it ;)

Enjoy ;)

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