Harmonic auto-detect [FREE]

Automatically detects and visually displays Harmonic patterns ,
from small ZigZag to large ZigZag .

5 types of Harmonic patterns are supported.
Pattern5-0 / 3Drive / AB=CD / Gartley / Butterfly


Pattern5-0 / 3Drive / AB=CD / Gartley / Butterfly
リリースノート: Updates:
- Added the function to display Fibonacci retracements when a pattern is detected.
(Display ON / OFF and color can be changed with Input parameter)
- Increased maximum display of ZigZag line from 9 to 18
- Changed line and text colors to be selectable from the Trading View color widget.
- Changed to be able to select the line width.
リリースノート: Update:
Added the pattern prediction function.
When the close price falls within the range of the blue dotted line, the displayed pattern is formed.
- Show/Hide and color of the prediction pattern can be changed with the "Inputs" parameter.
- If there are multiple prediction patterns, only one typical one will be displayed.
- The dotted range is not displayed for the "ABCD" and "Dragon" patterns. The end position of the solid line is a guide for pattern formation.
- If you want to see the operation of the prediction function at once, please use the "Bar Replay" function of TradingView.
リリースノート: Update:
Changed label display when pattern is detected.
When pattern is detected --> "GARTLEY 8 DETECTED" "AB=CD 5 DETECTED" etc.
When prediction pattern is detected --> "PRZ: GARTLEY 3" "PRZ: AB=CD 9" etc.
*PRZ = Potential Reversal Zone

On 15 June '21, the detection target pattern will be changed to only two, GARTLEY and AB=CD.
Thank you for your understanding.
リリースノート: Update:
Changed the detection target pattern to the following two.


What is the difference between the free and pro version?
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No predictive function in Free version ...please advice
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Hi! is there any way it can make the fib retrace levels show on the chart ? it's not shoing for some reasons , any advice ! Thank you !
this thing is just zigzags no labels
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