+ WaveTrend Oscillator

I'm guessing most of you are familir with LazyBear's adaptation of the Wavetrend Oscillator; it's one of the most popular indicators on TradingView. I know others have done adaptations of it, but I thought I might as well, because that's kind of a thing I like doing.

In this version I've added a second Wavetrend plot. This is a thing I like to do. The longer plot gives you a longer timeframe momentum bias, and the shorter plot gives you entries and/or exits. Here we have one plot with a lookback period of 55, and another with the default set to 6 (change this to 14 if you think you might prefer something slower and that will plot similarly to the default RSI settings). With the traditional Wavetrend Oscillator there is a simple moving average on the WTO that is to help provide entries and exits. I've done away with this as there are already two plots, and I felt more would just clutter the indicator. Instead of plotting the SMA I've plotted the crosses along the bottom and top of the indicator. Also, as is not the case in LazyBear's version, this SMA length is adjustable. By default it is set to 3, which is the default setting on the original indicator.

I've also plotted background colors for when there is what I call a momentum shift. If one or the other oscillators crosses the centerline a colored bar is plotted. By default it is turned on for both WTOs, though in practice you might only want it on for the longer one.

I would say use of the indicator is similar to the original WTO or many other oscillators. Buying oversold and selling overbought, but being mindful of the momentum of the market. If the longer WTO is above the centerline it's best to be looking for dips to the centerline, or for an overbought signal by the faster WTO, and vice versa if the longer WTO is below the centerline. That said, you can also adjust the length of the SMA on the faster WTO to fine tune entries or exits, which is kind of how you would trade LazyBear's version. In this case you have that additional confirmation of market momentum.

You can set colored candles to either of the WTO plots via a dropdown menu.

There are alerts for overbought and oversold situations, centerline crosses, and Wavetrend crosses.

That's about it. Hope you enjoy this particular implementation of LazyBear's well known indicator.

Ah yes, last thing: Original version the source is set to hlc3. I've given you the opportunity to change that, so if you prefer using close you can, or whatever you want.

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