Guppy CBL

This is the Count Back Line script from the book Guppy Trading by Daryl Guppy.
It is usually used as a stop loss line, but can also be used to find entries.

Hope someone finds it usefull, if you find anything that is wrong with it, please let me know and I will try to fix it.
This is my first PineScript, hope it is working as intended.
リリースノート: Cleaned code and added option to show/hide buy/sell arrows
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Thanks for putting it together! I was hoping somebody smarter than myself would code it, since I couldn't find in the TV library
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Ranama kviateq
@kviateq, Thank you for using it :)
Have you used this to trade BTC? Looks to be very effective at giving a buy/sell signal for it! Also thank you for programming it :)
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Ranama w00fs
@w00fs, No I have not used it that much yet, hope you like it. 😁
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It's a great tool, great job well done.
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What is the best TF that you recommend to use with this indicator?
Ranama Nickv11
@Nickv11, I have not used the indicator that much, but I think Daryl Guppy the inventor of it is using it mostly on daily candle charts. I think it can work great on any timeframe as long as there is not to much random volatility.
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