TD Sequential (Tom DeMark) - MTF

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TD (Tom DeMark ) Sequential Multi Timeframe

Configurable TD sequential indicator, you can reduce the clutter by only displaying the last numbers of a setup, the same can be done with the countdown.

Potential trend reversal on 9 and 13.

The TD sequential is an indicator that identifies a turning point in the price trend of an asset or an index.
Essentially, on any time frame, if the chart of an asset shows nine consecutive candles above or below the closure of four candles prior, then it prints a 9.
リリースノート: Made some changes
リリースノート: Made some changes
リリースノート: Again
リリースノート: Added color picker for support and resistance
リリースノート: Cleaning
リリースノート: Added more style
リリースノート: Small change
リリースノート: Added lite mode (only display 9 and 13 with a smaller footprint, set show to none and disable countdown so it doesn't overlap), inspired from quantifytools script
Added the possibility to show or not the aggressive 13th countdown
Changed default settings
リリースノート: Added alerts
Removed lite mode (I made another script for the lite mode)
TD Sequential Lite (Tom DeMark) - MTF

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