Net Positions + SpaceManBTC

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Net Positions + SpaceManBTC

Includes 4 total features, for traders to help identify the positioning of participants.
  • Net Longs
  • Net Shorts
  • NL / NS
  • 'CVD' Sessions

The indicator can be used to spot large positions occuring, e.g. large long positions, and how they can influence the market such as long positions opening towards a swing high can be seen, price moving away from said positions can lead to longs being squeezed when moving away.
Alternatively the diverging positions between Longs and Shorts can be useful,
This is bette represented in the 'CVD' replication feature.
The use of CVD can be done to show 3 things, Exhaustion, Absoprtion or strength.
Exhaustion and Absoprtion being shown with divergences.

Exhaustion in CVD is represented in, Higher highs in price but CVD produces a lower high (reverse for the opposite), this indicates a lack of participants in this case buyers which can signal a reversal.

Absorption in the case of CVD represented by, Higher highs in CVD but price produces a lower high, shows that aggressive buying and selling is being absorbed by the heavier hand in the market, limit orders. Likely reversion and has more weighting than exhuastion.

Strength can be represented with CVD following price e.g. an uptrend with higher highs and lows showing the same in CVD .
  • Wicks Added
  • Data fixed, no need to refresh.
Added Line Display Option
Updated some mislabelled parts


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