Percent Research

Percent Research is an indicator that will plot a color / column on the chart in case custom requirements are met.

The requirements are:

- Price: Price requirement (equal or above input).
- Change % Up: Amount the price have moved up in percent (equal or above input).
- Change % Down: Amount the price have moved down in percent (equal or below input).
- Change Interval: Amount of bars the above move happened over.
- Volume: Volume requirement (equal or above input).
- Volume Interval: Amount of bars in a row that each require the above volume .

Example: In case one wants to plot whenever price has made a 20 percent move up or down in a week with minimum 100 000 volume for each of the last 2 days one can use.

Change % Up: 20
Change % Down: -20
Change Interval: 5
Volume: 100 000
Volume Interval: 2

The indicator will plot a color on the chart whenever the requirements are met, which then can be used to look into price action for each colored time period.

The values can be customized dependent on preference, example 100% movers over a month or 20% movers over a week etc.

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