DBT Squeeze Breakout Scanner

The DBT Squeeze Scanner helps you keep an eye on 10 instruments at the same time. It uses a modified version of the DBT Squeeze strategy and scans this strategy against 10 instruments at the same time.

The scanner looks for areas of low volatility signified by a Bollinger Band squeeze and a light blue coloring on the scanner. Once it is squeezing it looks for potential breakout or breakdown opportunities

The scanner has warning signals for both long and short (sell for non margin exchanges) signals, these warning signals are shown as follows:

Light Blue = Bollinger Band Squeeze
Purple = Get ready for a Breakout
Pink = Squeeze has let go and a Breakout is Incoming
Orange = Get ready for a Breakdown
Yellow = Squeeze has let go and a Breakdown is Incoming

All of these signals have their own TradingView alerts. Alerts can be set for anyone of the 10 chosen instruments. Over 10 different kinds of alerts can be setup all at the same time.

This indicator is designed specifically for trending markets, and can be used in many different markets including: Equities, Futures , Commodities , Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. it will give significantly different signals in ranging markets. This indicator is also designed to be 100% preference, PLEASE make sure to choose which 10 instruments you want to watch, the defaults are just some of the major Cryptocurrencies.

Use at your own risk. This is not financial advise and this indicator is not guaranteed to make you profits. Please message me if you have any questions or feedback. Enjoy.

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