Hide extended hours/non-intraday bars

Especially for future users, such as ES/NQ/RTY/YM, etc., this script can hide the extended hours/non-intraday bars and leave the intraday bars only.

With this script , you can find the intraday support/resistance quite easily!

Example, if you are a ES investor, you can easily find the intraday support/resistance level ,which is almost equal to SPY , with this script, and no need to check SPY separately again, saving your time a lot.

Note: Please couple this script with American Bars. If you use candle charts, the upper/lower pins of the candle can't be hidden with the bars together, which is restricted by the code editor itself...
リリースノート: tiny update
リリースノート: update to Version 4

In order to make the script work, you have to bring it to the most top visual layer.
Please do as the following steps:
  • Add the script to chart
  • Hover mouse on the script name, and tap the right-most 'more' button (which appears as 3 dots)
  • Select "Visual Order", then select "Bring to front".
  • Done!

Also, in order to have a better view effect and make the bars COMPLETELY "Hidden", you can adjust the hidden bar color in the "setting" menu to the exact color of your chart background




Would it be possible to add an option to make the hide bars wider, this way it would also be possible to hide candlesticks.
is there a way to totally made the extended hours collapse so the volume profile only show the US session data ?
yeungshawn CasperFoo
@CasperFoo, sorry, i had the same thought as you and tried to make it happen,but the chart does not seem to support that..