Simple and efficient swing RSI system

Hello there,

I am glad to bring you another simple and efficient algorithm.

Its made purely from RSI which can be used directly or inversed. Its suited for swing trading 15 min chart or more minimum.

Can be adapted to all types of financial markets.

Rules for entry are easy : First we have the stop loss and take profits levels. Based on SL , we have the risk % of our equity, where the minimum lot we can trade its setted on 0.1 lots , can be modified tho.

For entries, we have the overbought and oversold levels.

Whenever we cross one of them we enter the trade . We close the trade whenever we reach sl/tp or inverse crosses.

Although its has a low win rate, its a very good system to catch big trends, so there you can recover all the small losses that you had in a untrend market .

Aswell it requires a lot of patience, since a position can be kept for weeks, even months.

Hope you enjoyed it .

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