NSDT MA Colored Candles

A simple script that will change the color of the candle if it closes over/under the designated Moving Average. This makes it very easy to identify trends based on your selected Moving Average line length. You can choose EMA , SMA , or WMA and of course the length is adjustable as well. To see these candles, be sure to go into the Chart Settings and uncheck the candle Borders, Colors, and Wicks.


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This is great North Star Day Trading! Can this be used in the screener too?
@kalyaniseth, Thanks! I am not sure what you mean about using it in the screener....
kalyaniseth NorthStarDayTrading
@NorthStarDayTrading, Thanks for your response. Actually yesterday was the first day I came across Pine Script and I would love to use it as a screener. Not have to go through each chart one by one for my set conditions, is this possible?
@kalyaniseth, This is an indicator for a chart. The screener scans for criteria that it is assigned. They are different things.
kalyaniseth NorthStarDayTrading
@NorthStarDayTrading, Thanks for your response :)
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