Cycle finder v1.0

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Watch this Morgan Stanley'( MS             )'s almost perfect cycle!

This is Cycle finder v1.0.
This helps you to find cycle of your favorite stocks, commodities , forex and anything in real time.
Originally developed from scratch for tradingview.

How to use(in setting panel):
- Set up to 5 different cycle term.
- Set go back bars. *1
- Shift bars as you want to make use of cycle.

*1: This indicator compares X bar to X - (go back amount) bar to find cycle. Default: 2
*2: It won’t work if there is not enough history.
*3: This may contains some bugs since I'm still working in progress to improve.

Please give it try for 1 week free.
Message me or reply to here to unlock your experience!

//—————— Japanese below

このモルガンスタンレー( MS             )のほとんど完璧なサイクルをご覧ください。

Cycle finder v1.0. をご紹介します。
Tradingview のために1から開発された、このインディケーターは

使い方 (設定パネル):
- 5個までサイクルの期間を設定できます。
- 参照のバー数を設定 *1
- サイクルは左右にシフトできます。

*1: このインディケーターは、サイクルを見つけるために
Xバーと、X - 参照バー数を比べます。 デフォルトでは2です。
*2: チャートの履歴が少ない場合には、動きません。
*3: ブラッシュアップ中のため、バグを含む可能性があります。

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hi plz grant access..thanks
Hi, can I try your indicator please?
Hi! Could I evaluate the indicator, please? Is it suitable to cycle tune other Oscilators? Thank you!
hello, could you give me access to try please. Thank you. Regards.
could I have access to this please?
naoca PRO daledrinkell
@daledrinkell, Thanks. I've unlocked your access. Please purchase a license, if you like it.
Looks very interesting and useful, I would love to use this to develop trading strategies!
Looks very interesting and useful, I would love to use this to develop trading strategies!
naoca PRO iofthebeholder
@iofthebeholder, Hi iofthebeholder, I've unlocked your access! I'm using this to decide when to have positions. Have a good trading!
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