RSI Divergence [TORYS]

RSI divergence indicator

green back : suggestion of rising
red back : suggestion of falling
リリースノート: add : Bollinger Bands and many fuatures
リリースノート: before : price == close
after : price_h == high / price_l == low
リリースノート: add : RSI BB Cross Alert
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What does the "H" and "D" mean? as oppose to just the red and green dots? we need more explanation please.
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@stanowen, Divergence red for bearish green for bullish. H for Hidden Divergence, green for bullish, red for bearish
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Can you please explain, or should I only buy when I see a green dot on the blue line? Thank you very much :)
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Great work Man !!!

Can you please provide me coding
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As per Andrew Cardwell 2-5 period RSI divergences are powerful. Does this indicator detect 2 period divergences?
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Simple the best.... thank you...
When is the signal printed? When the candle (the second pivot) is closed or when the candle after the pivot is closed too?
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