Trend spider glue

This script works on all market types.

This script will show you when to long, short, exit (stop loss) and Take profit.

Signals take into account various elements such as momentum, volume , moving averages and long term trend analysis. Stop loss function is included to show you when a signal is invalidated.

Use this strategy strictly, patiently and with discipline to prevent unneeded losses, this will result in long term consistent profits.

This script has been set to work best on the intraday time frames, however it also works on the longer timeframes. Use the settings tab to dilute the indicators to ur own market.

Lastly, this indicator will not give signals if the market is not trending.

PM me here to get a free trial for the indicator !


Version 2 will be coming soon which will integerate more elements to allow for more accurate signals and faster stop losses !

disclaimer: although this indicator is taking many elements into account and is highly accurate the market is never certain, we are not responsible for any losses the script may result in as we are not financial advisors.

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