Breakout Scalper (Session)

This is a twist on my on my Breakout Scalper strategy that limits trading to a user-configurable session

Find the original "Continuous" version of the scalper here:

The breakout scalper is based on "slow" and "fast" donchian periods. In this version, the "slow" donchian is in fact the Day's high/low. This important difference means that we will always be entering our trades at the day's high or low, so you are exposed to the price making new highs/lows but not to oscillations within the day's range.

Furthermore, the scalper is modified to only enter trades after the start of the user-configured session. Any open trades are closed at the end of the user-configured session. The default session is set to 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM because that's when I like to trade.

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