FXReaper X (Master) P1


This indicator includes all of the best indicators utilized for optimal trading.

The indicator includes the following:

- Fibonacci
- MA Ribbon
- SuperTrend
- Buy & Sell Signals

How to Use

How to use this indicator depends on you as the trader, how to best utilize this objectively is to apply it as confluence to your analysis.

- Buy/Sell signal (In your bias direction)
- Fibonacci golden zone (entry)
- SuperTrend (fits your trend bias)
- Ribbon (additional trend bias)

Ideally, you would use this to catch the best entries near support/resistance levels.
I.e. Buying off bounce of support level using signal and super trend.


This by no means is a guaranteed signal. These should be used as confluence to your own technical/ fundamental analysis .
Do not rely on this solely unless you know what you are doing.

These indicators were pulled and modified from existing indicators and adjusted to our personal preferences.
There are custom inputs for those to adjust to their own liking.

How to Get Access

To get access please send me a private message via TradingView.
リリースノート: Updated some formatting to ease confusion and help with clarity.
リリースノート: Updated images + fix some more minor formatting errors.

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