RyuFib Auto Fibonacci Retracement

🔰 Auto Fibonacci Retracement

📌Auto plots the Fibonacci levels the same as the Fib Retracement tool from the high to low or low to high according to the set length. This tool saves you 2 seconds from manually drawing the Fibonacci Retracement , however, having to do on 100 different charts can save time; and can set up on various timeframes to show to get a quick look at the fib support/resistance levels of the chart. Shows additional fib levels and fib extensions. Can set custom timeframe to add multiple fib indicators for different timeframes shown, or to always show a particular timeframe. Can set the length for different timeframes, so you can flip between timeframes without having to adjust. The 12h and daily timeframes are shorter length since if it's too long the chart history may not be long enough.

🔹Fibonacci Retracement Levels (show/hide all)
🔹Fibonacci Extension Levels (option show/hide all)
🔹Fibonacci Text Labels (option show/hide all)
🔹Select fib Retracement type, from high to low or low to high
🔹Select fib candle type, from the wick or candle close
🔹Select fib custom timeframe
🔹Select custom length back for different timeframes, shorter 4h and under, 12, and daily
🔹Select fib line width
🔹Select fib text labels position offset

📌Note: If the fibs are not showing then the chart history is too short for the length, adjust the fib length.
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How can I use this indicator?
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Can I use this tool?
Can get ur approval to use ur indicator
Hi, I am wondering how I can obtain this script. I really would like to test and use if possible. Cheers, Teddy
Hi , Please can I have access to your script
HI, can i access this script ? Thank you
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