Double CCI & RSI Alert

Hi, I am lonelygrass. It is suggested to use this indicator with my another script, Double CCI & RSI Trigger,  EA consists of a CCI of 34 periods and RSI of 14 periods.

The alert is created in hopes of distinguishing super short term trend and helping scalping.

In general, triangleup ( bullish ) and triangledown ( bearish ) are shown near each bars.

A qualifying bullish bar should (1) have a CCI value equaling 0 or more and (2) have a RSI value equaling 55 or more
Instead, a bearish bar should (1) have a CCI value below 0 and (2) have a RSI value below 45

If you put two systems together, you will get an idea of when to initiate your trade and how to hold onto your trade until a counter signal comes off the graph.
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I really want to use this script, but I don't know how to use it. I want to have it alert me on rsi highs of iota ethereum and bitcoin.
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