[astropark] 4h Crypto/USDT Strategy [strategy]

Dear Followers,

today a new Swing and Scalper Tool, which works great for Cryptocurrencies on the USDT market on 4h timeframe.

This tool has some cool features:
  • it works on many timeframes, but best one is 4H timeframe: so you can enjoy both manual and bot trading by using a 24/7 running bot;
  • it comes in three working mode: default, alternative and high frequency;
  • auto-stoploss: you can enable an stoploss in trade, bot will follow

It's always suggested to use a proper money and risk management in trades. This is not the "Holy Grail", it does not exist.
Strategy results are calculated from the beginning of 2018 till now, so more than 2 years, using 10000$ as initial capital and working at 1x leverage (no leverage at all!) and 0.1% trading fee already applied.
You can always DM me if you need any help to configure it on your preferred chart or if you want a customization of this bot for a specific pair.

This script will let you backtest this script and check profitability on your preferred market.
The alarms version of this indicator, which will let you set all notification alerts you may need in order to be alerted on each triggered signals, can be found by searching for astropark's "4h Crypto/USDT Strategy".

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.

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