soko ga soko ver3

You can use this oscillator to determine whether it is oversold or too bought

Easy to judge by ribbon belt.

A buying and selling arrow is displayed,
but it is displayed only under certain conditions.
Please judge as appropriate by watching brown lines.
リリースノート: soko ga soko ver3
→soko ga soko ver4

shingata soko ga soko Indicator version4

Added the function of to

Useful for binary options and scalping
Arrow mark(⇑⇓⬆⬇) is displayed automatically!
リリースノート: soko ga soko ver4.1
Fixed garbled characters that occurred on Android and iOS apps
お気に入りスクリプトから削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
魔改造RCI3lines makaizouRCI3lines

新型そこが底インジケーター soko ga soko



Hello, can you allow access to see the effect, and then decide whether to start according to the effect, just a few days, thank you
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can i get access pls
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