soko ga soko ver3

You can use this oscillator to determine whether it is oversold or too bought

Easy to judge by ribbon belt.

A buying and selling arrow is displayed,
but it is displayed only under certain conditions.
Please judge as appropriate by watching brown lines.
リリースノート: soko ga soko ver3
→soko ga soko ver4

shingata soko ga soko Indicator version4

Added the function of to

Useful for binary options and scalping
Arrow mark(⇑⇓⬆⬇) is displayed automatically!
リリースノート: soko ga soko ver4.1
Fixed garbled characters that occurred on Android and iOS apps
リリースノート: You'll get signs like "L", "S", and "↑""↓", But the signs aren't perfect.
It is recommended to use them together with RCI and other oscillators (indicators).

Recommend displaying 20SMA, 100SMA, and 200SMA
I also display SMA and EMA for 20DAY, 100DAY , 200DAY

AUDNZD 1hour chart

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