Shinohara Ratio

Shinohara Ratio(篠原レシオ) can be used to analyze the markets' Energy (A ratio) and Popularity (B ratio).

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I'm sorry but the method is fully complicated so that i cannot write all of it down right here. google it plz.
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420snoop spolenski
@spolenski, honestly tried googleing not much came up a link to a book thanks xoxo
spolenski 420snoop
@420snoop, may this page will be your help... (most pages are written only in japanese; so by right clicking on your browser and hopefully he have some translating systems... )
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@spolenski, hi, I think your indicator is missing a value box in the settings.
Ratio red A and ratio blue B are on the same settings , you can only change the 1 value so there’s no cross over.
Is this correct? Thx
spolenski jackhammer1000
@jackhammer1000, thanks for your feedback.
I reckon this indicator doesn't well fit for some cryptos for their high volatility.
As you can see above, Ratio A and B are not the same. You can seek for crossovers on legal tender pair charts.
Koonce12 spolenski
Does this indicator perform well in the forex market, precious metals, and indices?
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