TOP & BOTTOM Cycle [aamonkey]

Works best on BTC and only on the daily timeframe!

This is a TOP / BOTTOM indicator for big market cycles.

These tops and bottoms are based on the difference between the 200MA on the daily and the price.
リリースノート: comment
リリースノート: comment
リリースノート: Made it easier to adjust the settings.
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hey dude I hope u can make this work for gold too and also more time frames
aamonkey midonx5
@midonx5, you can try to make it work on any pair (and timeframe) by adjusting the different settings.
midonx5 aamonkey
@aamonkey, OK I cant see a setting for the pair though
Does this repaint?
aamonkey WoodLandSprite
@WoodLandSprite, No it doesn't. You can test if an indicator repaints by going in a small timeframe like the 1 min see where the signals are and see if you get different signals when a new bar prints.
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