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// Telegram @gustavcaves Marzo de 2019
// Donations Bitcoin : 1GER2Zw2XuRyCP1Rn8rZXskZdGa9YyxYUb
// Based on Blai5 VIGIA 09 with Volatility Bands and Astro September 2008
// Basado en Blai5 VIGIA 09 con Bandas de Volatilidad y Astro Septiembre de 2008

Due to ideological reasons, he decided to release the code for free use and adaptation or improvements.

The code from now on will be open, feel free to make a donation.

Bitcoin: 1GER2Zw2XuRyCP1Rn8rZXskZdGa9YyxYUb
リリースノート: Update
リリースノート: Update
リリースノート: Update

Strong hands that you can now see.

Now the% R 14 is shown as an oscillator like the AO in area format and the% R40 as major trend points, they also change color, depending on whether it is below or on line 0.
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