Contrarian Scalping Entry Support v2.1

This indicator is still making and testing now.
I don't recommend to use it without Pro / Prop TRADER.

// Copyright @ ALEX SHORT
// alpha tester : Norakichi Senpai (Santa Prop Norakichi Senpai)
// Special Thanks WBZ Trading Group

// This indicator support "Short term Fighting the tape Entry".
// Attension!!! I strongly reccomend to Verify effectiveness before "REAL TRADE".
// Note. Downtrend often continue compared to uptrend. So, you might have to change DFMA setting for it. Or you should change reasons/grounds for Scalping Long Entry in long DownTrend.

// Function1. Difference from moving average Arrow v 1.7 from SMA 200
// This indicator will plot chart Arrow above or below candle stick when DFMA marked over range.

// Function2. When price touch Quado_Bollinger band, background will change background and Circle Alert will plot above / below Candle stick.
リリースノート: // beta version released is ended.
リリースノート: // beta version released is ended.

このスクリプトへのアクセスは作者が許可したユーザーに制限されており、通常はお支払いが必要です。お気に入りに追加することはできますが、許可を申請して作者が許可した後でなければ使用することはできません。 詳細については ALEXSHORT にお問い合わせいただくか、以下の作者の指示に従ってください。



注: アクセス権をリクエストされる前にご覧ください


// @version=3
// Copyright @ ALEX SHORT (Developer)
// alpha tester : Norakichi (PROP Trader)
// Special Thanks Development Room RC Member's

// Attention Please from Developer!!!
// My indicator's already patent pending and the possibility of getting a patent is extremely high. If any software engineer will copy, there is a high risk that a huge amount of claim for compensation
// Not only in Japan but also in HongKong, USA, UK, Singapore... every country now. This is a world level patent will pending now. Don't forget it.
// Coming soon, it will be done in a week. Don't forget it.
// If you ignore that, you will lose Huge amount of money over 10 billion yen/year!!!
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