Contrarian Scalping Entry Support v2.1

This indicator is still making and testing now.
I don't recommend to use it without Pro / Prop TRADER.

// Copyright @ ALEX SHORT
// alpha tester : Norakichi Senpai (Santa Prop Norakichi Senpai)
// Special Thanks WBZ Trading Group

// This indicator support "Short term Fighting the tape Entry".
// Attension!!! I strongly reccomend to Verify effectiveness before "REAL TRADE".
// Note. Downtrend often continue compared to uptrend. So, you might have to change DFMA setting for it. Or you should change reasons/grounds for Scalping Long Entry in long DownTrend.

// Function1. Difference from moving average Arrow v 1.7 from SMA 200
// This indicator will plot chart Arrow above or below candle stick when DFMA marked over range.

// Function2. When price touch Quado_Bollinger band, background will change background and Circle Alert will plot above / below Candle stick.
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