Kashikoi Anaraiza

🔰 Kashikoi Anaraiza

An all in one customizable indicator that intelligently analyzes the trend direction in any market and timeframe. Easily detect the trend reversals and pullback levels, automatically show Fibonacci levels support/resistance , and shows BUY/SELL/SHORT and targets/stoploss clearly on chart. You can fully customize the conditions based on your own trading method and risk. Kashikoi uses an updated version of the Trend Analyzer trend reversal logic from the previous indicator. It has been updated and improved by filtering out more noise while still catching every pump/dump/trend, and added custom settings for the trend logic. This description gives a brief introduction to the script and it's features, for more details and all of it's settings will be posted in discord with pictures and examples. Feel free to join the discord server and read more about it there, also join the community with all of the other indicator/bot users. To gain access to this indicator please join the discord server for details, any inquiries feel free to DM me in discord or at twitter @RyuzakiBTC. The bots in the discord use the same logic and alert to discord 24/7, feel free to join and can try the open bots and read more about them, the link is at the bottom.

✅Trade with the trend
✅Works on any timeframe
✅Does not repaint once candle closes will show alert forever
✅Works without heinkin ashi candles which can be misleading with significant lagging compared to real time market
✅Can set alerts never miss a trade
✅User friendly interface
✅For all traders

📌Can set alerts for the following
🔹+TR/-TR - Trend reversals bullish / bearish
🔹TC - Trend continuation
🔹TSL - Stoploss of trend turning neutral
🔹Pullbacks Entry Tier 1-4 Levels
🔹Ichimoku Kumo breakouts & TK crosses
🔹BUY/SELL/SHORT custom strategy
🔹Targets 1-4, Extension Target, & Stoploss

In Japanese the word kashikoi means intelligent, bright , wise, or clever; and anaraiza meaning analyzer. Similar how ichimoku meaning "glance," so Ichimoku Kinko Hyo translates into, "one look (or glance) equilibrium chart" and shows the trend at a glance. Kashikoi Anaraiza, pronounced "kash-coy ana-rize-a" translates to "Intelligent Analyzer" can intelligently analyze the trend.

🔹Auto Fibonacci Retracement Levels
🔹Indicators Plots - EMAs/MAs/ Ichimoku
🔹Trend Analyzer - Trend Reversals / Pullbacks / Trailing Stoploss / Trend & Candle Colors
🔹Indicator Settings for Strategy - Ichimoku /Breakouts/EMAs/MAs/ MACD / RSI
🔹Custom Strategy - BUY/SELL /SHORT
🔹Targets/Stoploss - Auto/custom

🔹Can set fib retracement type settings low to high or high to low
🔹Set fib candle type for retracement to the wick or candle close
🔹Can set to show fib levels for any timeframe on the chart
🔹Can adjust the length of fib set for different timeframes
🔹12h and under, 12h, & daily & higher timeframe length settings saved so can switch timeframes quickly without adjusting length
🔹If the fibs don't show on newer charts the length is too longer than history and just need to adjust

🔹26/55/100/200 EMA
🔹20/50/100/200 MA
🔹Can show/hide on chart and custom change to any length

🔹Catches every pump/dump/trend on any timeframe
🔹Change candle colors to trend color
🔹FasterTrend colors shown on top & slower trend color on bottom
🔹PTR - Potential Trend Reversals can show for early trend detection
🔹+TR/-TR - Bullish / Bearish Trend Reversal
🔹PB - Pullback Entry Tier 1-4
🔹+TRA/-TRA - +TR/-TR Alternate Timeframe
🔹Can adjust TR & TSL custom sensitivity 0-4
🔹Can set TRA to show TR on any timeframe
🔹Can adjust the pullback entry sensitivity %

🔹The indicators for the strategy and can customize settings for each
🔹+TR/-TR with custom sensitivity selected
🔹+TRA/-TRA the trend reversals set to any timeframe
🔹TSL - trailing stoploss trend turning neutral (gray) with custom sensitivity selected
🔹Ichimoku kumo breakout/breakdown & tenkan/kijun crosses
🔹Breakout/Breakdown Dynamic Support/Resistance with custom sensitivity levels 1-3
🔹Multi EMA trend fast & slow
🔹EMA, MA, & EMA /MA cross custom to any length and timeframe
🔹MACD cross & histogram custom settings and timeframe
🔹RSI levels settings custom to any length and timeframe

🔹To set your strategy you must understand the logic and conditions. You can select optional parameters to create your strategy filters using your custom strategy indicator settings based on your own trading method, timeframe, and risk.

🔹BUY - will only show when ALL of your selected parameters conditions are met, and also the SELL condition isn't triggered so that it will not BUY if any of your SELL conditions are met. Example, if you have selected to buy on +TR only selected, which is default setting, then it will show BUY at bullish trend reversals based on your TR custom sensitivity settings. You can add your own additional filters by selecting the parameters, if you selected +TR, +TRA set to your timeframe, EMA cross set to your custom EMAs inputs and timeframe, and kumo breakout with your ichimoku settings, then it will only show BUY when all of those conditions are met to filter out all other trades.

🔹SELL - will show if ANY of your selected parameter conditions are met, and conversely also the BUY conditions are not triggered so that it doesn't sell when still a BUY. For example, if you have selected -TR, trailing stoploss of trend ( TSL ), breakdown below dynamic support level , and kumo breakdown sell parameter options then if any of those conditions are met and not a BUY then it will trigger SELL so that you can book profits or exit to reduce risk. Then you can re-enter on a BUY when your conditions are met again.

🔹SHORT - will only show when ALL of your selected parameters conditions are met, and also SELL conditions must be met so that it does not SHORT while still in a BUY trade. For example, if you have selected -TR, TSL , breakdown below dynamic support level , and kumo breakdown then it will trigger a SHORT only when all of those conditions are met. To close the short is on a BUY triggered or if your targets/stoploss triggered or trailing stoploss option in stoploss settings.

🔹TP/SL Targets/Stoploss icons to show on chart optional on/off
🔹Targets/Stoploss horizontal line levels on chart optional on/off
🔹Can show the targets & stoploss labels optional
🔹Trailing stoploss option to move stoploss up when each target is reached
🔹Option to only show recent target/stoploss line levels
🔹Can enter custom length back to show for target/stoploss lines
🔹Select the target/stoploss mode to show BUY and SHORT, only BUY, or only SHORT
🔹Can adjust candle type for targets/stoploss condition to price reached or candle close
🔹Can set targets/stoploss to auto adjust to the timeframe, daytrading, swing trading, midterm, or enter custom %
🔹The auto target/stoploss shows the same as the bots in discord display and alert
リリースノート: 📌Fixed bug with alerts

📌Added 3 new combination alerts to save alerts. Example, instead of setting alert for +TR and -TR you can use the combo +TR/-TR alert to have in one alert instead of two. However, you will have to check the chart to tell which alert it is. You can still use the previous separate +TR alert and -TR alert to specify the trend reversal, which would use two alerts; and separate BUY, SELL, SHORT, alerts or combination.

🔹BUY/SELL/SHORT - one alert for strategy combination
🔹+TR/-TR - combination alert bullish/bearish trend reversal
🔹TP - combination alert if any targets reached
リリースノート: 📌Minor updates - updated some text

📌Updated Auto Fibonacci
🔹Added option to adjust all fib lines width

📌Updated PB levels
🔹Simplified plots/settings

📌Updated Strategy RSI
🔹Added options for RSI level to specify above/below level
🔹Added SHORT RSI level separate from the SELL
リリースノート: 📌Added 2 alert options for all in one alert to save on alerts
🔹+TR/-TR/TP/BUY/SELL/SHORT alert all in one
🔹+TR/-TR/TP/BUY/SELL/SHORT/SL alert all in one
リリースノート: 📌Several updates

🔹Option to choose candle source type in settings between close and open; this will help with settings alerts preference
🔹Removed the EMAs/MAs --> moved to RyuMA indicator with trend color coding on 4 timeframes with labels
🔹Removed the fibonacci levels --> moved to RyuFib indicator with labels
🔹Added RyuKumo levels 1 - 3 to the chart
🔹Added BULL/BEAR icons to chart, to the strategy options, and alerts plus combo alerts
🔹Added BULL/BEAR warning icons to chart, to the strategy options, and alerts
🔹Added back the +KB/-KB Kumo breakouts icons to chart
🔹Added back the +TK/-TK crosses icons to chart
🔹Added EMA and MA option to strategy for price above/below single EMA or MA with any custom timeframe
🔹Already contains EMA/MA crosses in strategy
🔹Updated the +TR/-TR Trend Reversals with the triangle icon instead of circle
🔹Default settings show most icons, can adjust preference turn on/off in settings

📌Note: To gain access to Kashikoi, this indicator, and all of the indicators included in the free bonus package see Discord for details. Join Discord for charts, updates, Discord bots, and community chat group. Discord link below, in profile, and in twitter profile. Follow on twitter for charts and updates.
リリースノート: Removed text not used
リリースノート: 📌Summary list of updates:

🔹Removed trend color circles on top/bottom since shown in candle colors
🔹Added options to select for trend candle color: Trend Analyzer, RK1, RK3, RK3, B1, B2, B3, Ichimoku, EMA Trend, Trend Momentum
🔹Added custom options for the TR Trend Reversals in Trend Analyzer indicator settings to adjust sensitivity and calibration filters
🔹Updated Trend Analyzer -TR and candle coloring
🔹Added +B1/-B1 - Bull/Bear 1 to LONG/SHORT strategy parameter options and chart plots (changed from breakout/breakdown)
🔹Added +B2/-B2 - Bull/Bear 2 to LONG/SHORT strategy parameter options and chart plots
🔹Added +B3/-B3 - Bull/Bear 3 to LONG/SHORT strategy parameter options and chart plots
🔹Added features to customize all MAs in strategy can select custom MA type EMA/MA, custom timeframe, and length
🔹Added custom EMA/MA type pullback entry in strategy options, buy dip pullback for longs and sell bounce pullback for shorts
🔹So now has 10 custom MAs with 6 MAs for 3 crosses, 2 MAs for price above/below, 2 MAs for custom pullbacks
🔹Added back plots to chart to show TC- Trend Continuation and TSL - Trailing Stoploss from Trend Analyzer indicator settings
🔹Added +LC - LONG CONTINUED for potential re-entries if stopped out or took profit, with alerts
🔹Added -SC - SHORT CONTINUED for potential re-entries if stopped out or took profit, with alerts
🔹Added Stoch RSI indicator to the strategy LONG/SHORT parameter options with custom settings
🔹Updated default settings for indicator, turned some things off but can turn on/off in settings
🔹Added CLOSE SHORT option to strategy to customize SHORT entry/exit instead of just using the LONG
🔹Updated strategy text BUY/SELL to LONG/CLOSE LONG
🔹Updated some settings and text
リリースノート: 📌Minor updates fixes:
🔹Fixed TP for SHORT
🔹Updated so can only be in one trade at a time LONG/SHORT
🔹Fixed some SHORT strategy parameters
リリースノート: Update/fix +LC/-SC
リリースノート: 📌Summary List of Updates:

📌New Features Added
🔹Added Trailing Stoploss % option with distance % to trigger; can keep auto/custom % settings and by candle wick or close
🔹Now has different trailing stoploss options, TSL %, TSL move up with targets, and Trend TSL

📌New Features Added On Trend Analyzer Indicator Section
🔹PTR updated so now has +PTR and -PTR for Bullish/Bearish Potential Trend Reversals
🔹TC updated so now has +TC and -TC for Bullish/Bearish Trend Continued
🔹TSL updated so now has -TSL and +TSL for Bullish/Bearish Trend Trailing Stoploss
🔹PB updated so now has +PB and -PB for Bullish/Bearish Pullback Entries

📌Parts Removed
🔹Removed 4 of the custom MAs from strategy so still has 6
🔹Removed TRA (Trend Reversal Alternate Timeframe) from Trend Analyzer, strategy options, and icons on chart
🔹Removed TK (Tenkan/Kijun) lines on chart option
リリースノート: 📌Minor updates fixes:
🔹Fixed issue with SHORT TPs not showing in certain cases
🔹Updated TP and SL alerts to separate LONG and SHORT alerts
🔹Now has TP LONG and SL LONG alerts
🔹TP SHORT and SL SHORT alerts
🔹And Combo TP and Combo SL alerts for both
リリースノート: 📌Minor updates fixes:
🔹Added option for auto TP/SL adjust for each asset and timeframe based on current market volatility
🔹Added option to adjust the TP and SL sensitivity individually for the auto options
🔹Fixed issue with CLOSE LONG not showing when SHORT disabled, and for CLOSE SHORT
リリースノート: 📌Updated to pine script v4

📌Added trading method options. The trading method options do not alter the strategies or parameters LONG/SHORT conditions, but can still change the trade results greatly by changing your entry and exit method. Choose from the following trading methods:

🔹STANDARD Method: Is same as previously, when the SL is triggered it will print and alert, optionally you can choose to exit or stay in trade. The targets remain the same throughout trade while trade is still active until the exit condition is triggered. If you exit at the SL you can choose to re-enter with the same targets but will not give a re-entry signal so is up to trader, can re-enter at any other signals/strategies or +LC/-SC. Option to reset SL if a TP reached.

🔹RE-ENTRY Method: Will check to exit at SL and re-enter new trade with updated TP/SL when entry condition is valid. Will not exit at SL and stay in trade if the entry condition is still valid to prevent exiting at SL and re-entering on same candle.

🔹PYRAMID Method: Option to pyramid/DCA or add to position. Can select which strategy options to use to pyramid. There is an option to only pyramid at a better entry price. Can add to position if SL reached. Shows the average entry price as the green/red dot, updates TP/SL level on new entries, and shows the trade count.

📌Visual style updates:
🔹Shows the entry price on LONG/SHORT entry on signal
🔹Shows profit % on TP/SL signals and TP number
🔹Added entry horizontal line with price
🔹TP/SL horizontal lines show price and profit %
🔹Can customize these options in settings

📌Trend Analyzer updates:
🔹Added VELOCITY option to increase speed so can be used for higher timeframes
🔹Generally use 4h for midterm, 12h for major trend; with VELOCITY option can use the 1D and 3D

📌Other minor updates:
🔹Updated the +LC/-SC removed additional filter so is more like strategy
🔹Option to reset SL when TP reached for STANDARD Method and TSL
🔹Updated alerts and added ticker symbol and current price on alert
🔹Removed alerts which can still be set using the LONG/SHORT strategy
🔹Removed Multi EMA strategy option as already has custom MAs strategy
🔹Removed RSI strategy option
🔹Other minor updates and text updates
リリースノート: 📌Minor update fixed text and labels
リリースノート: 📌Minor update

🔹Removed the RE-ENTRY Method option and instead added it to the strategy options parameters. To close position at the SL can be selected now in the strategy parameter options which will work the same as the previous RE-ENTRY method and will close the trade and re-enter a new trade with new TP/SL when entry condition is triggered again. Note, the SL won't trigger if the entry condition is still valid to prevent exit and re-enter on the same candle. The PYRAMID Method can still be selected as an option and the STANDARD Method is default with the SL strategy parameter off. Can now select to close trade at SL for LONG and/or SHORT. If close trade at SL parameters are not selected for the strategy options, will act like the STANDARD Method, the SL will still display on chart and alert but the trade will continue if targets are reached until the close trade condition is reached.

🔹Added SL, TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4 as strategy parameter options to close the trade and will re-enter a new trade when entry condition is met. Note, will not close trade if entry condition is still valid to prevent closing and entering new trade on same candle. Will still display plots label on chart and alerts will still work when TP reached.

🔹Fix for the CLOSE LONG and CLOSE SHORT plots display
リリースノート: 📌Minor update fixes
🔹Fixed the TP/SL for custom inputs option
🔹Adjusted SL horizontal labels text offset for move SL up when targets reached option to not overlap TP text
🔹Edited some text
リリースノート: 📌Several updates please read👇

🔹Automated to show the trend strength based on the tiers for BULL/BEAR TIER 1-3. The definitions which are shown in the settings as follows:
🔹TIER 1 - Early entry/reversal, neutral, riskier, more aggressive
🔹TIER 2 - Trend forming reversal, more conservative
🔹TIER 3 - Strong trend forming, outright bullish/bearish

🔹How to use as Trend Tier System as follows:
🔹At a TIER 1 signal consider taking profits from the previous trend and/or moving stoploss up or trailing stoploss. An entry in the TIER 1 signal would still be opposing the dominant trend which would still be at TIER 2. It depends on your preference and checking price action and other indicators if you would like to enter early here or wait for further confirmation.

🔹At a TIER 2 signal the trend is changing direction so you should be out of positions if in the other previous trend direction now would be TIER 2 and weaker. Consider entering in the direction of the trend, can also check other timeframes for confirmation and dominant trend.

🔹At a TIER 3 signal a strong trend is forming in that direction so only consider trading in that direction.

📌Updates to the indicators/strategy👇

📌RyuKumo indicator - updated candle and kumo (cloud) coloring logic to improve with less noise.

📌Added RyuTrend indicator BULL/BEAR (default level2) signals with options to customize all levels 1-6 and adjust sensitivity parameter for further customization. It is included in the strategy options. The RyuTrend is useful for reducing noise and keeping you through a strong trend, see example chart below how it stayed in the bearish trend and bullish trend without noise. During sideways non-trending markets it may have false signals as will all other indicators, but the noise is reduced.

📌Added ATR Trailing Stop indicator with plots and to strategy. Default settings are set with a wider stop so it has less noise and holds throughout a longer trend without getting stopped in and out as often. You can adjust the settings to optimize for your asset and timeframe. Here is the chart on BTC to see, however, RyuTrend provided better results and less noise.

📌Added Pivots options to the LONG/SHORT custom strategy parameters. Can use any combination of the daily, weekly, and monthly pivots to filter out trades if price is above/below the pivot level. The pivot levels can be used as a bias level where above the monthly pivot bias is more bullish and below monthly pivot bias is more bearish.

📌Updated Custom MAs Section
🔹Now added up to 11 different MA types to choose for each custom MA. Added a third crossover option and also option to confirm if price is above/below MAs. So now has 7 custom MAs, 6 MAs used for 3 crossovers, and 1 for pullback levels.
🔹Added plots for the 3 cross custom crossovers for bullish/bearish crosses so you can see them on the chart.
🔹Removed the custom timeframe options as not needed and can just change the length.
🔹All of the 11 different MA types to choose from for any combination of crossover:
🔹MA, EMA, WMA, VWMA, VWAP, HMA, DEMA, TEMA, RMA, LMA, and McGinley Dynamic

📌Added Ichimoku cloud bullish/bearish option to the custom LONG/SHORT strategy

📌Removed Stoch RSI, MACD, B1, B2, B3 indicators and from strategy. With the RyuTrend addition, thought these can be removed to make room, plus added ATR which can be used for breakouts and is more popular/common.

📌PYRAMID METHOD updated to include RyuTrend and ATR options and removed others B1, B2, B3.

📌Updated the alerts and includes all alerts but must set and choose from in the settings at the bottom of the settings first before setting the alert. So now includes alerts for all the indicators added RyuTA, RyuKumo, RyuTrend, Ichimoku, ATR, MA crosses, etc.
リリースノート: 📌Minor quick update
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