QQE MOD + SSL Hybrid + Waddah Attar Explosion

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Long entry:
  • QQE Mod changes to Blue (leading indicator)
  • SSL Hybrid is Blue and price is above MA Channel line
  • Waddah Attar Explosion is Green and above Explosion line

Short entry:
  • QQE Mod changes to Red (leading indicator)
  • SSL Hybrid is Red and price is below MA Channel line
  • Waddah Attar Explosion is Red and above Explosion line

Risk management:
  • Each trade risks 2% of account (configurable in settings)
  • SL size determined by swing low/high of previous X candles (configurable in settings)
  • TP is triggered on SSL Hybrid EXIT arrow signals


Timeframe: Personally I've found best results running this on 1H timeframe.

Note: To help visual identification of trade entries and exits you may wish to add the SSL Hybrid and Waddah Attar Explosion to the chart separately. They are being used to determine trade entry/exit within the code of this strategy but it was not possible to display them in a clear way within a single panel. Make sure you set the settings of the auxiliary indicators to match what is in the settings of this indicator if you do decide to add them.

  • QQE MOD byMihkel00
  • SSL Hybrid by Mihkel00
  • Waddah Attar Explosion by shayankm
リリースノート: Add alerts on trade entries

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