GMMA Oscillator v1 by JustUncleL

On request, here is my version of the Guppy GMMA Oscillator (and SuperGuppy Oscillator) to match with my Guppy and Super Guppy indicators.

The Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) is a technical indicator that displays two sets of moving averages. The first set contains six exponential moving averages that use faster periods to monitor the trading activity of short-term traders. The second set contains six exponential moving averages that use slower periods to monitor the trading activity of long-term investors.

The GMMA Oscillator is a technical indicator developed by Leon Wilson. The oscillator line, which percentage difference between the Fast and Slow GMMA sets. The second line is the signal line and it is simply the exponential moving average of the oscillator line.

As with many trend following indicators, a bullish signal occurs when the oscillator line crosses above the signal line and a bearish signal when the oscillator line crosses below the signal line.

Select between Guppy MMA or SuperGuppy MMA calculated Oscillator.
  • Option to apply smoothing to the Oscillator line (recommendation 3)
  • Option to change Signal line period length
  • Option to use Anchor Time frame to match the Guppy or SuperGuppy chart
  • Option to show coloured Bullish / Bearish trading Zones

Crossover alerts are also generated to be picked up by the TradingView's Alarm Sub-system.
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Is this code available for MT4?
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JustUncleL DayTradingOil
@DayTradingOil, Pinescript cannot be directly imported into MT4 and I don't code for the MT4 platform. But I'm sure there would be a version of this indicator out in the MT4 libraries somewhere.
Great work. Divergences work like a charm when we compare with price action in this tool. Thanks.
sir very very thanks for your indicator sir want to know that when grey lines occur we have to exit the position ?... and sir 15 min time frame will work on this indicator. if not then which time frame is best for this indicator
Great work ! Thanks..
Thank you for sharing! Some absolutely splendid indicators you have posted!!! Much appreciated!
You are awesome sir. Once again, god must give you good health and long life and my great respect for your charitable work. Thanks Uncle.
Great work ! Thanks JustUncleL :-)
2 words sir
Thank you
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