Price Divergence Detector V3 revised by JustUncleL

This is a revised version of the original "Price Divergence Detector by RicardoSantos".
Price Divergence detection for various methods : RSI , MACD , STOCH , VOLUME , ACC-DIST, FISHER, CCI , BB %B and Ehlers IdealRSI. Both Hidden and Regular Divergences are detected.

Revision 3.0 by JustUncleL
  • Added option to disable/enable Hidden and Regular Divergence
  • Added new divergence method BB %B (close only)
  • Added new divergence mothos Ehlers IdealRSI (close only)

Revision 2.0 - by RicardoSantos

Information on Divergence Trading:
リリースノート: Updated to Revision 3 of Pinescript
Updated with some RicardoSantos version 2.022 revisions.
リリースノート: ..
Added Elders Force Index method.
Other small changes.
リリースノート: 3.2 Update
  • Added Trend Volume Accumulation, this option really works only well with Renko and HA candles. You have the option to use EMA for trend direction change instead of candle bull/bear direction.
  • NOTE: Trader discretion is required to manually filter out invalid Divergence, there is no account made for the length of each trend when comparisons are made.
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Master, please accept me as your disciple. Great script
Thank you for your work
I'm a bit unclear on what the 'R' and the 'H' stand for. Could anybody explain what those imply? I'm trying to use this for RSI divergence.
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@iper404, They stand for Regular and Hidden divergence markers.
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I like this script.
Thank you very much for making this script.

Sometimes i notice there is divergence which is not recognized by the script, for example :

Thank you.
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JustUncleL RedAndBlue
@RedAndBlue, It's quite difficult to make a script 100% accurate to what the human eyes can see. The trouble in the above example for a mechanical indicator is there are lots of peeks in Price and RSI, but the mechanical finder only looks at the last two fractal peeks, making the start point at a bit further on at the next smallish peek, so no divergence. I may look at trying to improve the indicator at a later date.
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RedAndBlue JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, thank you very much.
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Awesome work
This PDDR (Price Divergence Detector) is a great script and the version 3.2 with the TVA (trend volume accumulation) is the best companion to the Weis Wave indicator.
Are you aware of "Inharmonious action"? It's like a Price Divergence but while Price Divergenge detects opposite directions on the Oscillator and the Price the "Inharmonious action" detects difference of speed when the Oscillator and the Price go on the same direction.
See https://learncrypto.io/lesson/lesson-19-the-wyckoff-wave-crypto-index-and-the-optimism-pessimism-index/
The example is with the optimism pessimism index but I think it will work with TVA or any other oscillator.
Can you update PDDR with this new feature?
Can you make a separated PDDR but with the divergences plotted on the oscillator too?
I know you can. Your the best.
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JustUncleL sal157011
@sal157011, Sorry I'm not planning any more updates to this indicator.
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