Mix1 : Ema Cross + Trend Channel [Gu5]

Based on Trend Channel
Ema-crossover is added
Crossing alerts, only on trend

Basado en mi anterior indicador, Trend Channel
Se agrega Cruce de Medias Moviles (Ema-crossover)
Las alertas solo son en favor a la tendencia

El valor de SMA Range es arbitrario (No Backtesting). Cambia la amplitud de canal que determina cuando es rango (barras amarillas por estar muy cerca del SMA200, sin tendencia definida)

Range Multiplier adapta el indicador a distintos mercados
//Setting recommended for SMA Range
// BTCUSD = 100
// EURUSD = 1000
// SPX = 100
// ETHUSD = 10

Si te fue útil este indicador, puedes comprarme una cerveza ;)
リリースノート: Change alert indicators, by labels
Clean Code
リリースノート: Add alerts, and clean code
リリースノート: Fix Bug
Clean code




Hi, how can I apply this in the Trading view chart?
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sir how to use this code to mt4..please help me..
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gu5tavo71 venkkovai
@venkkovai, I will send you a DM with a recommendation
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venkkovai gu5tavo71
thank you very much
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pamtop2003 gu5tavo71
@gu5tavo71, could you please help me to use this code for MT4. Please advise. Thanms
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gu5tavo71 pamtop2003
@pamtop2003, Hi. I don't work with MT4. I will send you a recommendation by DM.
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sheikhmishu gu5tavo71
@gu5tavo71, Hello, may I also have the recommendation for MT4 please. Thank you.
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Yassiine gu5tavo71
@gu5tavo71, Hey man, could you send it also to me pls?
Great script, very much appreciated!

Do you have recommended SMA for 15min crypto charts?
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add alert condition on buy and bu close and sell and sell close
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