Artharjan Profit & Loss Calculator


Artharjan Profit and Loss Calculator allows users to calculate Profit and Loss of their trades and see it on the chart itself
Users are supposed to select either Long or Short, Enter quantity and enter traded price. The live P&L will be plotted on the chart.

Happy trading :-)
リリースノート: Hi Guys,

I have updated the Artharjan Profit & Loss Calculator Indicator to show on the chart various other information such as Trade Direction, Entry Price, Target Price, SL Price, Current Distance from Target and Current Distance from Stop Loss.
I have also added a functionality to adjust the font size and the position of the Table on the chart.

I hope you would like it.

Rahul Desai@Artharjan
リリースノート: Added Traded QTY as well in the Table.
リリースノート: Updated script to accommodate Current v/s Initial Target and Stoploss Levels
リリースノート: Updated Current Profits in terms of Amount and Points

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