Evan Cabral's Quarter Theory by MrTuanDoan

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This indicator is based on Evan Cabral's Market Timing Strategy.

In Binary Option or High Frequency Forex (HFX), it's very common to see the market make reversals at hours and half hours.

This indicator just simply draw vertical lines at each quarter of the hour.
You should change the color and opacity to fit your chart style.

With this indicator, you're going to know when to positions yourself with more accuracy on trade setups.

  • It works best if you take your reversal trade at the top of the hour using your other (overbought/oversold) confirmation using RSI , Stoch RSI , DMI, etc.
  • It works better if you take your trade at resistance/support zones
  • You should pay attention to the direction the market is going before the hour (or half hour) and looking at how the direction changes going into the hour or after it.

Please backtest before taking real trades

Add new option to show only next quarter.

I'm happy to help you improve your trading.
Telegram: @MrTuanDoan

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