It is an indicator that color-codes the background according to the
trading time of each securities market.
Tokyo time is red, London time is green, New York time is drawn in
blue, overlapping parts are mixed (additive) color. (ex. Green + blue = cyan)
The time of the parameter is in UTC . Because there is no correction
of daylight saving time, please set apropreate time depend on where
you want to see by referring to the following.

Daylight saving time
Tokyo 09:00-15:00 ( UTC 00:00-06:00)
London 16:00-00:30 ( UTC 07:00-15:30)
New York 22:30-05:00 ( UTC 13:30-20:00)
Winter time
Tokyo 09:00-15:00 ( UTC 00:00-06:00)
London 17:00-01:30 ( UTC 08:00-16:30)
New York 23:30-06:00 ( UTC 14:30-21:00)
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