Golden Ratio Fibinnaci Indicator

I didn't see this one already it isn't my original idea either. I pulled the formula's from an article on medium, I also added few bear market bottom fib indicators.

Credit to the article I pulled the formula from.

The Golden Ratio Multiplier
Unlocking the mathematically organic nature of Bitcoin adoption
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Philip Swift (@PositiveCrypto)
Jun 17, 2019
By Philip Swift
リリースノート: Fixed spelling error on title, added a couple long and short labels for the top and bottom indicator.
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So how does it produce Buy/Sell signals? Which crossovers do you use for those?
ocnad Roskosh
@Roskosh, the white indicator line 111 day ma crosses over the red line it gives a sell signal, when the white indicator line crosses under the first yellow line its a buy signal.
Roskosh ocnad
@ocnad, thanks. Looks pretty good.
I tried to edit my spelling mistake on the title of the script idea, unfortunatley I don't think tradingview will let me edit the title. So I created a new script idea here: with the correct information.
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Beat me to it :)

Good job
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ocnad thesean
@thesean, Thanks!
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