This is the trader's dynamic index inspired by Steve Mauro's BTMM strategy.

In addition to the RSI , Trendline, Baseline, Volatility Bands I have also included additional trend biases that are painted in the background to provide more confluence when the markets break out in either direction.

For convenience, a position size calculator is included for all users to quickly calculate lot sizes on forex pairs with difference account balance currencies. The calculator works accurately on forex pairs. DO NOT USE for crypto or indices as some brokers have unique contract sizes that could not be fully incorporated into the tool.

There is also data table that displays historical values of the RSI , Trendline, Baseline, and an EMA vs Price scoring procedure that covers the current candle (t0) and up to 3 candles back. The table is meant to provide a snapshot view of either bullish or bearish dominance that can be deciphered with a quick glance.


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