Beacon - Anthony Crudele's Indicator

Beacon uses the current volatility of the market based on your trading time frame to determine support and resistance levels, whether a trend is intact or ready to revert back in the range. One of the most difficult things I went through as a trader was determining whether we are in a trend day or if we are in grind up or grind down mode. I created Beacon to give me a simple look at the market to determine what type of environment we are in. I use Bollinger Bands (3 standard deviation) to determine the volatility cycle. Once the BB make peaks I took my Fibonacci Retracement tool and did a retracement from the peak high of the BB to the peak low. I use 70%, 50% and 30% for my support and resistance levels. I use those levels because I tested pretty much every percent level and those percentages averaged the highest performance on all tick charts and time charts. You can use Beacon on whatever time frame or tick chart you are trading on and it will determine that specific volatility cycle.


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