Conditional Chart Pattern Signals: Part 1

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CCPS uses exclusive method to finalize pivot points and has more options to refine chart patterns.

Pattern List:
• Bat Bearish
• Bat Bullish
• Butterfly Bearish
• Butterfly Bullish
• Crab Bearish
• Crab Bullish
• Gartley Bearish
• Gartley Bullish

Label Tooltip: Show more information of the signal.

Volume: Random/Up/Down is determined by linear regression. Show pattern if volume trend is not required/up/down.

Percentile %: Intraday: 60 (active). Day and above: set at your preference. Range 0-100. A value of 0 means that no filter is applied and all patterns satisfy the condition. A value of 100 means that no pattern satisfies the condition.

Confirm Time: 1-3 candles.

Candle: Random/Bullish/Bearish.


Enter at the open of the next bar after the signal or right when the signal appears (depending on your very own evaluation of the market at that time as sometimes price could reach targets within one bar). Adding caution, a little bit of experience will be needed to recognize if price actually reacts and follows the signals generated by CCPS.

Stop-loss suggested by the signal is generated as a quick analysis. In general, you need to place the stop-loss higher or have your own deeper analysis to have it. Take profit based on your preference of risk and/or other indicators of target/support/resistance.

Other Features:
• Non-repainting: show honest signals on the realtime bar, not on historical bars.
• Compact design.
• Support alerts.

Markets: All (Not designed and developed for a specific market). Test on: forex, index, commodity.

Timeframes: All (Not designed and developed for a specific timeframe). Test on: 30m, 1D, 1W, 1M.

• Reversal patterns do not have magic. Indeed, they belong to counter-trend strategy and technical analysis of high-probability (potential) reversal zone. In case of more powerful fundamental factors, a trend could continue and break reversal patterns.
• We have tried to integrate multiple base periods in the indicator but the execution time limitation for one indicator does not allow us to do so. As a result, users need to manually add the indicator multiple times with different base periods in order to find more patterns. Some common base periods are 5, 10, 15 and 20. In the future, if the platform lifts the limitation, we will have a version in which the indicator would automatically scan different base periods for users.
• Because compiled script code limit is 65000, the indicator is separated into different parts. Each part contains different patterns and could be considered as an independent detector.
• Add Market Trend status (Bullish/Bearish/Sideways) and option for each pattern (Random/Bullish/Bearish).
• Add Power checkbox to restart the indicator when calculation timeout occurs. Users do not need to remove/readd the indicator.

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