Masakichi Kun

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This indicator detect the entry point by the original idea based on the exponential moving average line.
リリースノート: Add New judgment by divergence added.
リリースノート: Fixed the judgment method of perfect order.
Added judgment of rounding up round down.
リリースノート: Fix to emphasize the background color more when all the conditions are met.
リリースノート: Added new line judgment.
Improvement of calculation speed.
Change the order of lamps.
リリースノート: Fix near ema logic.
リリースノート: · Added to see the location of short-term EMA and SMA
⇒ In addition to round up cut decision, if this judgment points in the opposite direction without signal
· If the opening closing price is the same value, it will bring out the positive line hidden line judgment of the previous foot
· Fix to use long: high value, short: low value to judge whether it is close to short-term EMA
リリースノート: Fix bgcolor
リリースノート: Alerts now come out when a signal is established.

Fixed a bug in the judgment formula for round up cut determination.

Hige is a required item.
リリースノート: Added directional alert.
Alert level can now be adjusted in 4 stages from low to high.
リリースノート: Add 3 alertcondition
リリースノート: Fix Alert Message
リリースノート: Fix Alert
リリースノート: Updated to calculate the deviation of EMA by ATR.
リリースノート: Add EazySetting
お気に入りスクリプトからの削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
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