Koby's 3 trend indicators AIO

All in one my indicators.

Includes 3 indicators: "KobaMA'ndicator", "MAT_K" and "KFBB".
リリースノート: Updated KFBB. You can choose more configuration for setting.

My setting

Line 1 and Line 2 are not using.

input tab
MA length: 21
SD length: 13
Source: hlc3
Upper Line Source: hlc3
Lower Linse Source: hlc3
Deviation: 3
Line 3: 0.618
Line 4: 1.618

Style tab
Only Use "Ma", "Upper line 3", "Upper line 4", "Lower line 3", and "Lower line 4".
リリースノート: Changed KFBB to SMA base.


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