Multiple Ichimoku Clouds

For anyone that uses the Ichimoku Cloud there is a consistent need to flip between timeframes to get information about this at all levels. However, that trouble is now over. In this script there are 4 Ichimoku Clouds that operate in 4 different time frames. To change the timeframe simply change the multiplication factor to the desired levels. How this script works is that it takes your current timeframe as an input then it applies multiplication factors to it to achieve larger timescales. In the example here we are looking at the XBTJPY pair on the 1 hour. Our first cloud is 1x scaling, meaning that it is the 1 hour cloud. The second and third are 2x and 4x respectively meaning that we are looking at the 2 hour cloud and the 4 hour cloud. Lastly the largest cloud is the 24x cloud, aka the daily cloud. Now you only really need one look at the clouds for all the essential information.

As always feel free to message me about anything regarding this script.
Be happy :)

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