Signal Generator v.3

If you see it, there are many lines but this indicator is totally configurable.

Try it and save yourself indicators ..

1. Resistances and Supports based on SHADOWS candles
2. Resistors and Supports Based on Candle CLOSURES
3. Displacement of positive and negative line
4. Configuration of 3 EMA
5. Crossing of EMA 21 and 200
6. Bolinger Bands
7. Crossing of SMA 9 and 21
8. Cloud of Ichimoku
9. Sequential TD 0.09% 0.46%
10. Cruise AWO
11. Hull average to identify
12. Signal Generator with Advance Decline Line indicator


Si lo ves, son muchas líneas pero este -0.21% 0.64% indicador es totalmente configurable.

Pruebalo y ahórrate indicadores..

1. Resistencias y Soportes basadas en SOMBRA de velas
2. Resistencias y Soportes Basadas en los CIERRES de velas
3. Desplazamiento de linea positivo y negativo
4. Configuración de 3 EMA
5. Cruce de EMA 21 y 200
6. Bandas de Bolinger
7. Cruce de SMA 9 y 21
8. Nube de Ichimoku
9. TD 0.09% 0.46% Secuencial
10. Cruce AWO
11. Media de Hull para identificar
12. Generador de Señal con indicador Advance Decline Line



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Any alert for this strategy?
Nice indicator

Any plans on making a alert for this strategy ?
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