Trend Tracking Indicator v1

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The Purpose of this Script is to help the user track the trend by
1) Defining clearly Entry and Exit levels
2) Profit Protection Levels
3) Stay in a trend as long as possible

It automatically draws and updates the boxes dynamically as the trend progresses in Stair Stepping Behaviour in uptrend or downtrend
a) Darvas Box (5 Bar System)
b) Fractal Boxes (5 bar System)

There is a switch at the indicator interface for user to choose between Fractal or Darvas boxes to better represent the stock/Crypto/Commodity/Forex
pair the user is trading.

In the event that the trend gears up and runs up in a parabolic behaviour
Alternate Profit Protection Levels based on 2 Bar System is there to provide an alternative to tracking the trend and protecting profits.

In general being a price action indicator, it can apply to any assets or timeframe.

by Crypto DanX.

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