Delta Profile SpaceManBTC

Delta Profile SpaceManBTC

Delta Profile SpaceManBTC, provides 2 very useful functions to tradingview traders with increased statistic for their candles in which case they can use to add confluence to their trading style.

Profile Types:
There are 2 main modes as it stands:
Delta Profile: Comes with the ability to show where buyers and sellers are stepping in more aggressively at which points to show a representation of trapped traders easier and aggression in the market.
Volume Profile: Can be used to do the same but in a more pure volume form, as well as allows for an ease in detecting a momentum shift.

Statistic Types: works with all modes
Ask/Bid Ask bid gives you the pure representation of that data showing at which points buyers stepped in and seller stepped in, no additional calculation on top.
Delta Delta shows the difference between, ie delta, for the ask and bid so its easier to view the difference at loss of the exact values used.
Volume Volume , shows the pure volumetric values no explanation of who buyers and sellers are allowing for a clean view of what is happening in the market with no code functionality applied.

The statistics are not isolated to their desired profile type as this provides the ability to use the volume profile type and delta values and vice versa, allowing users to choose which UI representation they want but which data.
This allows users to get both parts of the picture at any one time!
Using the tick data provided i am able to accurately caclulate the information, however this means for historical data there is none until the script is run for a period of time without stopping.

The tool is a method of providing flow data to the tradingview community, it can allow for good confluences at key levels of interaction E.G., key swing points/S/R points is when its accuracy for trading shines and can give you a good understanding of whats
happening at that time in the market.
Highly recommend dialing the ticksize manually. this provides greater consistency, auto ticksize was made for entry level users to quickly get a feel of the indicator but manually tuning to get the data you require without too much noise is very useful.

Sessions: accounting for Asia,Europe and North America
Tick based candles. e.g number of ticks before a new candle is generated.


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