GMMA plus EMA 10,25,75,200,2400

study("GMMA", overlay=true)

_Period1 = input(3, "EMA1 Period")
_Period2 = input(5, "EMA2 Period")
_Period3 = input(8, "EMA3 Period")
_Period4 = input(10, "EMA4 Period")
_Period5 = input(12, "EMA5 Period")
_Period6 = input(15, "EMA6 Period")
_Period7 = input(30, "EMA7 Period")
_Period8 = input(35, "EMA8 Period")
_Period9 = input( 40 , "EMA9 Period")
_Period10 = input(45, "EMA10 Period")
_Period11 = input(50, "EMA11 Period")
_Period12 = input(60, "EMA12 Period")

//calculate ema
ema1 = ema (close, _Period1)
ema2 = ema (close, _Period2)
ema3 = ema (close, _Period3)
ema4 = ema (close, _Period4)
ema5 = ema (close, _Period5)
ema6 = ema (close, _Period6)
ema7 = ema (close, _Period7)
ema8 = ema (close, _Period8)
ema9 = ema (close, _Period9)
ema10 = ema (close, _Period10)
ema11 = ema (close, _Period11)
ema12 = ema (close, _Period12)

plot(ema1, color=green, title="short1")
plot(ema2, color=green, title="short2")
plot(ema3, color=green, title="short3")
plot(ema4, color=green, title="short4")
plot(ema5, color=green, title="short5")
plot(ema6, color=green, title="short6")

plot(ema7, color=red, title="long1")
plot(ema8, color=red, title="long2")
plot(ema9, color=red, title="long3")
plot(ema10, color=red, title="long4")
plot(ema11, color=red, title="long5")
plot(ema12, color=red, title="long6")

plot( ema (close ,2400) ,color=#ff7f00)
plot( ema (close ,200) ,color=#ff7f00)
plot( ema (close ,75) ,color=#ff51ff )
plot( ema (close ,25) ,color=#5151ff )
plot( ema (close ,10) ,color=#00ffff )
リリースノート: ラインのカラーを微調整しました。

Changed line colors and EMA linewidth.

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