Hybrid BB-RSI-MACD Strategy

This is a hybrid strategy combining Bollinger Bands , RSI and MACD which are amongst the most popular and effective trading indicators.

Entry (Long) conditions are:

BB - Price below the lower band
MACD - MACD line above the signal line
RSI - RSI value less than 30

Exit (Short) conditions are:

BB - Price above the upper band
MACD - Signal line above the MACD line
RSI - RSI value more than 70

* Not more than one Long or Short signal appear consecutively.

* Long and Short signals appear only when all the above three conditions are met. This may result in lesser number of closed trades but more reliable trades.

* Example backtesting results for BTCUSD (Coinbase) on 30 minutes timeframe (1 Januray 2022 to 28 September 2022):

Total closed trades = 5
Net profit = 4.23%
Percent profitable = 100%


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