MACD Strategy (Trade Rush) (created by SirPoggy)

This is one of many new strategies coming soon which were seen on Trade Rush

This one is the MACD Strategy (Trade Rush) seen here:

This strategy employs the MACD crossover strategy.

When the MACD is below the zero line of the histogram, close is above the 200EMA, and the MACD line crosses above the signal line, longs are taken

When the MACD is above the zero line of the histogram, close is below the 200EMA, and the MACD line crosses below the signal line, shorts are taken

A couple of options are given for how to calculator stop losses.

You can choose:
  • an ATR stop loss with a set multiplier
  • You can choose a fixed percentage stop loss

The Take profit is calculated by the risk of the stop loss. So a 1.5 take profit target is 1.5 times the stop loss added to the entry price.

There is also an option to filter out trades by the histogram deviation. This prevents crossovers that are too close to the histogram from being taken.

Please note I used the code for the PPO instead of the traditional MACD to make calculating these percentage deviations more consistent across multiple asset types.

Credit to @C2Trends for this PPO code
  • Added ATR Based Stop Loss
  • (hopefully) fixed issue with Repainting on entries (script would attempt to enter, re-enter, and do so repeatedly - strange bug)
  • other quality of life changes
リリースノート: Quick exploration thought before changelog - try changing the deviation to 40-50 and see the results. You may also try increasing the Risk to Reward ratio to something more like 2 instead of 1.5 as recommended by Trading Rush.

As Trading Rush takes every entry in his backtest results, what if you ONLY took MACD trades when the MACD is very over-extended. You increase the probability of being correct!

Now, on to the changelog

  • Added a cooldown period option (going to update the other scripts too as this function doesn't appear to be working
  • changed the way win loss labels look
  • removed ATR and Percent stop loss average option (not overly useful)
  • updated backtest results section
  • other cleanup
  • Quick alert fix
  • Fixed backtest range not working
  • Removed non-free strategy options
  • Account Closed

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