Swing High/Low & HigherLow/LowerHigh

Swing High/Low
HigherLow/LowerHigh from Dow Theory
リリースノート: I made a slight modification.
リリースノート: add : plot Swing High/Low
リリースノート: little change
リリースノート: add : 2 period

bug fixed
リリースノート: little change...
リリースノート: little change..
リリースノート: add : alert
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Cool indicator, I like it. Good work. How do you detect the High/Low? Could you please explain? Tks.
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Can i please get script,i have improvements that you would find interesting
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Great work! Thank you for sharing!
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Hey mate, been using your indicator to help me out with my stop loss for scalping. Is there a way to figure out the offset to the SH/SL? Thank you
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