TD Sequential Multi Time Frame

Multi Timeframe TD sequential

- Above candles: The sequential for the time frame you're currently on.

- Below the price: Daily sequential no matter what time frame you're on

- Below price in a label: Weekly sequential no matter what price you're on. (This only shows 7, 8 & 9's not not clutter the chart too much)

- (For a green count) The numbers increase from 1 through to 9 if the candle is bigger than the close of the candle 4 candles before it.
(For a red count it's the opposite)

- A 9 marks a potential end of the rally which is usually followed by a correction of between 1 & 4 candles.

- Buy or sell warning signals for this indicator are 9's to indicate the trend has ended. The probability for this signal increases if the number is yellow.
- If the 9 was bearish the confirmation buy signal would be if the candle following the 9 is bullish candle followed by another bullish candle.

- For best results combine the 9 with candlestick patterns such as engulfing or other indicators like stochastic to confirm the signal.
リリースノート: Fixed bug where the weekly sequential was incorrectly calculated on small time frames.




Thanks for introducing a great indicator. I would like to add a 30 minute time frame in order..
I would appreciate it if you let me know what needs to be fixed in the indicator.
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I've been trying to code this for last whole year without any success.lmao

Thank you so much, I'm little surprised to see lack of response here, I guess it will improve over time. Thanks for the hard work!! Any plans to include countdown?
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kaaiii Pratik_4Clover
@Pratik_4Clover, hope it helps, yea I was planning to add it at some stage but I'm limited in how much is allowed in one indicator so I will probably need to make it seperate without the multi timeframe
@kaaiii, Yup, TV has some strange restrictions, I hope you get time to get it done in near future, will look forward to it ^^
For a basic tutorial on how the sequential works see: https://youtu.be/vUI9rOhVwmI