ICT Killzones

This Script plots the ICT Killzones in the Chart using a new Panel.
It's based on the Major Forex Sessions and this is usually where Key Swing Points occur.
It has a lookback of 20 days for Performance reasons.

- Time can be modified
- Lines width can be modified
- Lines colours can be modified

By default the Killzones will be based on NY Time using the following order

- London Open: 02:00 to 05:00
- New York Open: 07:00 to 10:00
- London Close: 10:00 to 12:00

リリースノート: Adjusted Time for DST.
リリースノート: Changed Hours
リリースノート: Adjusted for DST GMT-5.
Notice that anything prior to 08/11/2021 will have incorrect hours.
リリースノート: Fixed Indices not working
リリースノート: Added Asian Session

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