Custom position sizer

This is a simple script to aid with determining position size.

Inputs are the intended entry price, desired risk (expressed as % of account at risk), account value, and leverage factor.

To use the script;

1. Identify and update the entry price (yellow line on the chart)
2. Update with desired risk
3. Update with account size
4. Adjust the leverage value until the stop loss (red line on chart for long positions, green line for short positions) reaches the desired value/location on the chart

The label will then update to show the required position size for the trade.
リリースノート: Updated to generate label on current bar only
リリースノート: Further update to fix the issue of labels forming at every new bar
リリースノート: Reworked calculation of position size, added individual inputs for stop and target prices, added background colours.
お気に入りスクリプトから削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加


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